Offroad Images - Introducing Kopterfilms

Our landing pad with a view high up on Sunset Hill at Eldee Station


 In the Outback Filming a recent video for ARB on the BP51 suspension system


Offroad Images have been performing research and development for many years now in methods of moving cameras around to capture a product in a scene.


From cameras running on rails, on wire runs, mounted on on remote vehicles capable of travelling at 120 km/h. And although we have used helicopters and light aircraft to assist us in capturing our imagery, we have always been intrigued by the idea of flying cameras to create an image which is unique, smooth, and accurate.


So we have been experimenting with these technologies during our research and development phase whilst creating all the opportunities of learning flight related to UAVs and the CASA including all aspects of a aeronautical business and its licensing along the way.


The combination of UAVs into our business has created such significant opportunities for new image capture that we just had to provide this product a specific name of “Kopterfilms."


We hope that you enjoy seeing the new angles as we explore this new creativity to assist us in showcasing our clients products.