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Studio and Remote Location Photography and Film Creative

“A photographer is in all of us waiting to create history with the press of a button, create a better history and think about the possibilities with every image you capture!”

- Michael Ellem


Creating awesome imagery to best represent our clients products in studio or at extreme remote locations somewhere in Australia... thats what we do!


As creative people, perfection is important to us... being able to utilise advanced technologies to capture and produce these amazing results, absolutely makes us smile.

Photography and filming of the 4WD is our usual subject which has built us great reputation... but we actually shoot a huge variety of product and events.

The lens is the outlet for our creative minds, enabling us to showcase amazing images drawing in the viewers attention.

We see things differently to others and understand how to create the best look for the product we are shooting. 

We live in a world where the consumer is extremely hungry for video entertainment on social media platforms.

Creating content which helps entertain and educate the customer is our aim. 


From the initial concepts, to filming and production of those final edits... we'll help you tell your story and showcase your product to potential clients.

Choosing the right lens on an advanced drone can dramatically influence the viewers experience of the scene.

We are qualified drone pilots holding CASA qualifications and a ReOC to plan and fly cameras on your film shoot all around Australia.


Have you ever needed that image for your advertising campaign but only found overseas looking imagery?

Our gallery is designed to create an opportunity for you to find the right image to suit your requirements. Sourced from over 20 years of imagery in Australia.


Think it... find it... create the right look 

Its definitely an addiction... The 4WD is one of the most customised vehicles in Australia. You can make it your own!

Well we have done that on a number of vehicles over the years... but decided to showcase our latest builds for all to see how awesome the 4WD product development really is in Australia.


Want to say hi?


0427 646 398

Studio Address:

Unit 19 800/812 Old Illawarra Rd,

Menai, New South Wales, Australia


Postal Address:

PO Box 217 Menai Central,

New South Wales, Australia


Please note:

When we are working remotely or with a client, we may not be able to take your call,

so simply complete the form below and we will contact you ASAP…

Thanks for your understanding.

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