About Us


Studio and Remote Location Photography and Film Creative

Creating awesome imagery to best represent our clients products in studio or at

extreme remote locations somewhere in Australia... thats what we do!


As creative people, perfection is important to us...

being able to utilise advanced technologies to capture and produce 

these amazing results, absolutely makes us smile.

Photography and filming of the 4WD is our usual subject which has built us great reputation...

but we actually shoot a huge variety of product and events.

Photography in the outback is something that you really should experience for yourself. I don’t know whether it is the personality of the people or the land I love, but there is one thing for certain, It has an attraction that keeps dragging me back. Simply put, for what I do as a photographer, Outback Australia assists me to createso many diverse images through utilising its textures, colours and characteristics.


"The automotive scene requires images to portray vehicles or equipment in the world that they were designed for. Understanding how to make vehicles look good in this environment is a major part of ourbusiness. Making them look great is our enjoyment. Sometimes you need to push the boundaries of what thevehicle is actually capable of and what can be achieved by the lens...

but when its all set-up, and it just works... now thats an awesome feeling!”


- Michael Ellem ... Offroad Images

Offroad Images have been involved in photography for over 25 years. We have provided creative to clients and the magazines industry as a preferred supplier of photography toprimarily the automotive scene specialising in anything which has been designed to beused in the Outback.


We are committed to creating the best possible result from our creative and are always looking at utilising new technologies and creating new techniques to produce something better than yesterday.



Ron & Viv Moon

4x4 Australia Magazine - Editor-at-Large

Whether on a long remote expedition or a day shoot in the nearby hills, whether you are shooting action pics of 4WDs, flighty birds for a nature piece or a wide expansive scene, Michael’s work, under his Offroad Images banner, transcends all the other photographers I’ve worked with in the last 30 years. He’s bloody easy to work with and generous with his knowledge, but you’ll be flat out trying to keep up with him!


Aiden Frost

Club 4x4 - Marketing Manager

Michael Ellem is a photographer like no other I’ve worked with.

He is very, very structured in is approach and this allows him to drive amazing creative outcomes.  It means he’s already worked everything out before the shoot starts in granular detail. It means he’s worked out the best route to get to amazing places safely, and the exact shots he’ll take down to the detail of where he’ll place a wheel in every shot he takes and how to get the best shot. He has a realistic view of timings, and he does all the planning - all you need to do is turn up. He is diligent, thorough and amazingly well organised.  He doesn’t just rely on the golden hours of the day to get great shots, but he meticulously plans the day to make the most of the entire time you are out.  And he’s got the skills to get everyone and their gear out there and back safely. Trust in him and the way he works, and you’ll get amazing results every time…