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  • Michael Ellem

Uluru glows in the outback

How good is it to be able to capture the outback and its many colours. Now this was an epic photoshoot! Shooting for NT Tourism and ARB we ventured into a journey which would assist NT Tourism in showcasing some of the best sites for 4WDers surrounding Alice Springs.
As usual, we were always working fast to capture as much of the characteristics of the locations including lifestyle imagery supported by our model couples. But when we arrived at Uluru, with all the permits and paperworks signed… we took a moment to take in the glory of this massive rock.
Uluru is such an amazing location, but to be able to shoot commercially here is a pleasure. I was overwhelmed by the lighting in the sky and the colours of the rock glowing on the horizon. Such an amazing place… oh and how good does the Mighty BT look!!!
Michael Ellem - Offroad Images

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