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A picture tells a thousand words

Now this is an old image but also a great opportunity of identifying how we work with our clients to obtain a result.
This result takes much teamwork and an extremely good understanding of the clients product. So I ask a lot of questions, and for a really good reason. It's just so important that the image captured is exactly what is needed to tell the story for the product.
We could simply capture these lights in the studio, or sitting there on the vehicle in the carpark behind the offices of the marketing team… But when you have the support of a great team behind the product and they allow you to get out there and capture the product the way you believe it should be… that makes all the difference.
Key features of these lights… (and my thoughts in brackets)
- The ights will be heavily promoted in the states
(So we placed them on a Jeep)
- The image will be used heavily for packaging
(Make sure the Jeep is a bright colour)
- The lights are submersible
(Shoot them in a water crossing)
- The lights have both spread beam lens and a spot clear lens
(Ensure that the viewer sees these features)
- The logo runs down the side of the frame
(Shoot it on 45 degree angle)
- The lights are called Extreme
(Make sure the image showcases “Extreme”)
After much preparation and planning, and three runs through a well selected water crossing we nailed this image capturing what these lights are all about.
Thanks to Alan Duncan for the expert driving and great communication during this epic photoshoot.
Michael Ellem - Offroad Images

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